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Highly experienced Helisota technical staff is ready to provide complete MRO support at its own facilities or at a customer's base.

Technical Maintenance

Our team maintains 24/7 availability to support its clients at any required location. In order to ensure prompt engineering and MRO support, we are always ready to dispatch our engineers and other technical stuff as well as ensure the supply of all required equipment and spare parts in the shortest possible time.

Component Support

Being an EASA Part 145 organization, Helisota provides a wide range of component repair and overhaul services for various helicopter types.

Conversion & Modernization

With over 20 of experience in servicing commercial, transport, VIP and other types of helicopters, Helisota offers a wide range of different upgrade options which significantly increase operational efficiency of an aircraft.

Technical Training

Helisota is a fully EASA Part-147 certified organization. The company offers individualized aviation training courses aimed at providing comprehensive technical training and qualification for helicopter maintenance personnel.

Engineering Support and Consulting

Our EASA certified engineers maintain 24/7 readiness to support helicopter operators and owners with comprehensive engineering and planning solutions, fully complied with OEM and regulatory requirements as well as recommendations.

Spare Parts Supply

A wide range of spare parts in own warehouse as well as through a wide network of partners, Helisota provides various components supply solutions for both routine and AOG needs. All required spare parts are being dispatched either by air, road or sea in the shortest time possible.

Helicopter Sales

Backed by extensive experience in the aviation industry, as well as expertise in rotorcraft support and technical training, Helisota offers a wide range of helicopter sales solutions and complimentary services for the most popular Mi and Robinson types.


With a well-established international logistics network, Helisota offers transportations services of both components and entire helicopters.

Structures Shop

Functional Test, Inspection, Repair and Overhaul for the MI 8 and MI-171 aircraft, modification of structures, major alterations and adaptation of booths for simulators.

Avionics Lab

FIt is able to upgrade cabins to Mi8 series and MI 171 Series helicopters, installing new technologies to interface navigation, communication and instrumentation systems.

Metrology Lab

It offers calibration services for measuring instruments with the highest quality standards. Under the requirements of the NTC ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Blades Shop

Repairs, replacement of sections, paint and sealants for main blades and tail rotor blades of MI-8 and MI 171 helicopters.

NDT Shop

NDT inspections on aircraft and aircraft components, using the following methods: 1 Penetrating Liquid Method. 2 Magnetic particle method.3 Electromagnetism method.

Extinguishers Shop

Inspection, repair, overhaul, functional test of various components of the fire extinguishing system.

Hydraulics Shop

Inspection, repair and overhaul of all components of the hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems.

Paint Shop

Aeronautical painting works using the technical documentation of the aircraft (Manuals) and their products (Technical Sheets).

Landing Gear and Flight Control Shop

Inspection, repair, overhaul and functional tests of various components.


erforms metal coating works with Cadmium and finishes in Phosphating and Chromating, according to the scope of the patterns, specialized equipment, national and international standards, etc.

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