Richmond Global Traders Army, Navy & Airforce Parts & Equipments
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RGT specialize in servicing the needs of Military & Civil organizations in Pakistan to acquaint themselves with state-of-the art emerging requirements. The sourcing activity primarily caters for the ever-changing demand cycle and Richmond Global Traders specializes in adapting to change and meeting requirements at the right time, which is of key importance in this business

We have successfully concluded many contracts like, Forward area re-fuelling systems for Army and Air force, Mobile Fuel Stations,           FLIR, Forward Looking Infrared Cameras mounted on fleet for Eurocopter helicopters, Night Vision Devices for Infantry and APC's, Global Positioning Systems, Aviation parts and accessories, EOD Equipments, EW Equipments, Jammers, Spare support also meeting the military needs from time to time as and when required on emergent basis with Pakistan Military/Civil/Governmental agencies and so many other projects in which our different departments are working on, which will be accomplished soon.                                      

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